LESSON 1: Introduction to Infinity Investing

Toby Mathis, author of “Infinity Investing” explains what the concept of Infinity means in this short clip.

LESSON 5: How to Calculate Your Infinity Income

Discover what you need to know about putting together your Infinity Income Score with Toby Mathis.

LESSON 7: Three Keys to Creating Financial Freedom

Financial freedom for many is the goal, but what are the best steps to get there? There three steps to financial freedom.

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Cash Flow For Rental Real Estate

Toby explains step by step how to acquire cash flow for your rental. Dive deep into just some of the concepts in this video.

How Do I Buy My First Rental

One of the most asked questions here at Infinity Investing is “How do I buy my first Rental”. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned investor, you will want to watch this video.

Invest In Stocks Or Real Estate

Stocks or Real Estate? Toby gives a full breakdown of what to use first. Learn the benefits of both in this video.


Success Min

Financial knowledge you won’t learn in school or from your financial advisor.

Increasing Stocks Graphic Min

How to invest in the stock market without the gimmicky get rich quick schemes.

Pie Chart Min

How the wealthy invest in Real Estate and where the best markets are this year.

Additional Videos You’ll Find in the Free Membership Plus A Lot More…

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