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How to Win in Shared-Housing Investing

With the new shift in the economy, the middle class is changing how they live. This rising real estate market will not only solve the affordable housing crisis, but will make you more money.

Saturday | July 24, 2021

9 AM – 5 PM PT | 12 PM – 8 PM ET

Unlock This 13-30%+ Passive Income Strategy

While investors speculate over the markets and what new trends might take-off, a high demand opportunity is going completely unnoticed.

One-fifth of the population spent over half their income on rent.

Low-income renters are faced with skyrocketing housing costs, and with no way to increase income– the United States is currently experiencing the worst affordable housing crisis in decades.

With roughly 10% of the country unemployed, many are faced with evictions and homelessness.

There is a profitable solution that is making investors between 13-30%+ return-on-investment annually, and also benefits every individual involved.

Right now, Cohousing is the best solution with the strongest results to ease the affordable housing crisis.

Investors will not only see huge returns in lesser competitive markets, but they’ll make lasting income through reliable sources.
Learn how to easily profit from this huge market demand and be financially resilient in any market during the years to come.

In this event Diego Melo, founder of StratiVentures, will walk you through his highly lucrative “dirt to keys” co-housing roadmap. You’ll also hear from PadSplit the organization that helps investors manage their co-housing properties with turn key property management service and support.

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This income-generating formula is designed to get you started earning money without having to wait years to see profits. Join us and discover:

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Find Winning Deals Through Opportunity Zones

Use our property selection tool to find and qualify winning real estate deals, and avoid costly mistakes.

Money Increase

Leverage Long-Term Market Benefits

Cohousing residents can grow “roots” within their communities, this means faster land and improvement appreciation for investors.

Money Pie

Lack of Inventory Makes This a Far More Profitable System

Due to an insanely competitive real estate market, lack of inventory makes new builds the best path for passive income investors.


Toby Mathis

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Attorney, Author

Toby is a founder of Infinity Investing Workshop and Anderson Business Advisors, one of the most successful law, tax, and estate planning companies in the United States. Toby’s businesses have been featured on the Inc. list of fastest-growing US companies on 3 different occasions, and have been voted as a “Best Places to Work”.

He has sat on the Boards of hundreds of companies including public and private enterprises, non-profits, and business leagues. He brings a wealth of experience to Infinity Investing and is ready to transform the way you look at your investments.

Toby’s latest book, “Infinity Investing”, published by Forbes, is the foundation for the training and tools found in our membership programs.

Diego For Zoom

Diego Melo

Investor, StratiVentures Founder

Diego was born In Colombia South America, and lives In Houston, Texas with his wife Kate and Son Aidan.

He was a Mortgage Broker and Asset Manager prior to becoming a Real Estate Investor.

In 2012 Founded StratiVentures Inc with his business partner Mike Bowers. In 2014 began training and partnering with new and seasoned investors creating the platform for true investor implementation and success.

StratiVentures has over 1000 members with offices in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. In June of 2020 StratiVentures Inc launched its national platform and can now service the whole United States.

Real Estate Investor community StratiVentures Moto is “It’s a win-win or we don’t do it”

Copy Of SVI Webinar Anderson Cohousing Padspit 07 24 2021.pptx

Same House, But Expanded

Traditional housing has a not so traditional price.

Thanks to market inflation, individuals are struggling to find homes they can afford on their own.

Rather than searching for “the perfect property” We take empty houses in hot markets and convert them into co-housing facilities.

Like house hacking, this allows investors to profit more from individual properties while maintaining affordable rents for tenants.

This also offers a competitive advantage and alternative solution to apartment renting.

Through our existing property conversion plans, you’ll leverage over-supply and fill current demand.

This means that the income generated from these investments… Is far higher than expenses.

Investors will continue to profit off those returns for 10 years, 30 years, 50 years… or forever!

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Read what just a few of our Infinity Investing Members had to say about the membership, the training, and their overall experience.

“I’ve been a trader for quite a while but I wanted to find a way to invest and get a better return without buying and selling all the time. One of the Infinity instructor’s strengths is simplifying the complicated stock charts down so anyone can understand it.”

Bryan Canter

“I realized I wasn’t protecting my assets. Toby was amazing. It’s making sense and understanding the numbers is great. The savings we got from Toby’s tips are not measurable but for sure it’s thousands of dollars. It’s a life changing event for us.”

Marc L.

“Infinity Investing absolutely changed how I think about investing. It increased my confidence and courage by narrowing down the field of what companies I should be looking at and why. It also reduced the focus to predictable, safe income over time. Using these methods, I’ve made $250,000 in income from rents, dividends, and capital gains since June 2018.”

Bill O.

“Key lesson we learned, “nobody takes care of your money better than yourself”. We can manage our money better and grow it with these tips. They really care and want to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We’ve learned so much and had things in place but realized we needed all this knowledge years ago. I’ve never met a man (Toby) who cares so much for others.”

Peggy Miller

“I’ve learned a lot about how to trade safely and how to trade options where you are always winning. I’m excited about starting slow and what I’ve learned is it’s not as complicated as you might think.”

Regine Thompson

“Before, my mindset was cash is king. Now with the tools of Infinity Investing I can see many other ways to invest in real state as a source of income. I really like the honest and simple way Toby and his team explain the approach of investments taxes and dividends for beginners like me.”

Guillermo R.


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