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Saturday | April 16, 2022

9 AM – 4:30 PM PT
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If you thought your 20s – 40s flew by with little to show for it…

…wait until years 40 – 60. They go by even faster!

And the older you get, the harder it gets. Compound interest and typical retirement plans reward starting young… but what if you just don’t have enough time?

How are you going to handle retirement when you hit 62?

If it’s to receive Social Security, it’s not enough.

And your savings? Even worse.

Normal yearly inflation erodes savings accounts considerably, and most Americans (55-64) don’t have a better solution to combat this– so their accounts end up bleeding profits.

That’s the bad news–putting it mildly. The good news is you don’t need to rely on your retirement fund alone.

We’ll show you how you can easily correct this course of action now.

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The Key is in Cash Flow Properties

Most of us stay away from real estate because it’s risky, and the last thing we want to do is risk our savings for something we’re unsure about.

But there is a different way to invest– one that can provide you the passive income you’re looking for without the beginner risks involved.

If the average retirement fund isn’t getting the job done, what’s the alternative?

We’ve got to invest, and right now– investing in real estate is the best way to reach your financial goals.

You DON’T need to save up or wait for the right time

Whether you’re approaching retirement, or just getting started growing your passive income streams– we’ll show you how to leverage the real estate markets to hit your financial goals.

This FREE Workshop will tell you EXACTLY how it’s done. Sign up now.

You can’t sit on this any longer. Your savings are eroded by inflation, expenses, taxes, etc. It’s time to put your money into an investment to see you sailing into retirement comfortably worry-free.

While the clock is ticking…

It’s NOT too late to start investing BIG for your retirement.

Join us on this LIVE Online Event.

At this event, you will discover…

How To Build A Real Estate Portfolio Scaled
  • Why the Single-Family Rental Gold Rush! is still going on now and how you can cash in on it without stressing about rising home prices. Discover our “back door” workarounds.
  • How to own real estate in your 401k, so you don’t pay taxes on rent or capital gains when you sell.
  • Give yourself this ONE Saturday, and you will discover how to turn your home and passion into a never-ending cashflow machine with our AirBnB secrets to success.
  • 4 things investors often screw up that no one ever talks about! (Ignoring these mistakes has cost investors dearly.)
  • How Millenials and Baby Boomers will seriously affect market conditions in the coming years–causing a serious housing shortage that you can profit from.
  • There’s no money in mobile homes, right? Wrong! Discover the Mobile Home 5-Pronged Strategy that brings in 12% – 100% returns. No kidding!
  • 5 Ways to Invest in Properties–for the ambitious AND the lazy!

You need to attend this event if…

  • You are between the ages of 40 – 60 and have NOT yet created a plan to retire comfortably and are looking for quick answers.
  • You’re worried your retirement plan won’t go far enough, and you’re not sure what to do.
  • You are worried you don’t have enough $$$ in savings to retire comfortably and need to do something quickly.
  • You’re worried about the imminent Stock Market free fall and the looming recession.
  • You have extra money lying around and are looking for a solid and safe investment that will pay you cash month after month.
  • You’ve heard about Bitcoin, crypto, gold, and foreign markets as alternatives to buying stocks, but you want a safer investment closer to home.
  • You like the idea of getting checks in the mail every month without worrying about home value appreciation or the growth of the economy.

Income Generating Secrets You’ll Learn

Because the income-generating secrets you’ll learn in this workshop are designed to get you started earning money without having to wait years to see this income, you need to claim your free pass now. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to discover:


Find Winning Deals Without Tenant Risks

The “Infinity Investment” method to collect rental income from real estate. Hint: this is far from the normal landlord type of scenario.

Money Lightbulb

Bank Like Buffett

A surprising investment Warren Buffett keeps. (This is a great investment, and you may never guess what it is.)


Profit More Leveraging Little-Kknown Tax Codes

The tax-saving benefits real estate moguls use to practically put more money back into your pocket. This one will shock you!

Coin In Hand

Systemize Your Investing and Live Off Passive Income

How to earn a steady stream of passive income, regardless of how much you invest and even if you’re just getting started.

Eggs Basket

Implement Easy to follow Stratagies and Build Lasting Wealth

Little-known real estate investing strategies that build generational wealth – the kind you can pass down to your great-grandchildren.

Infinity Investor Reviews!

Read what just a few of our Infinity Investing Members had to say about the membership, the training, and their overall experience.

“I’ve been a trader for quite a while but I wanted to find a way to invest and get a better return without buying and selling all the time. One of the Infinity instructor’s strengths is simplifying the complicated stock charts down so anyone can understand it.”

Bryan Canter

“I realized I wasn’t protecting my assets. Toby was amazing. It’s making sense and understanding the numbers is great. The savings we got from Toby’s tips are not measurable but for sure it’s thousands of dollars. It’s a life changing event for us.”

Marc L.

“Infinity Investing absolutely changed how I think about investing. It increased my confidence and courage by narrowing down the field of what companies I should be looking at and why. It also reduced the focus to predictable, safe income over time. Using these methods, I’ve made $250,000 in income from rents, dividends, and capital gains since June 2018.”

Bill O.

“Key lesson we learned, “nobody takes care of your money better than yourself”. We can manage our money better and grow it with these tips. They really care and want to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We’ve learned so much and had things in place but realized we needed all this knowledge years ago. I’ve never met a man (Toby) who cares so much for others.”

Peggy Miller

“I’ve learned a lot about how to trade safely and how to trade options where you are always winning. I’m excited about starting slow and what I’ve learned is it’s not as complicated as you might think.”

Regine Thompson

“Before, my mindset was cash is king. Now with the tools of Infinity Investing I can see many other ways to invest in real state as a source of income. I really like the honest and simple way Toby and his team explain the approach of investments taxes and dividends for beginners like me.”

Guillermo R.

The Infinity Investing Workshop

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Your Infinity Investing Experts


Toby Mathis

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Attorney, Author

Toby is a founder of Infinity Investing Workshop and Anderson Business Advisors, one of the most successful law, tax, and estate planning companies in the United States. Toby’s businesses have been featured on the Inc. list of fastest-growing US companies on 3 different occasions, and have been voted as a “Best Places to Work”.

He has sat on the Boards of hundreds of companies including public and private enterprises, non-profits, and business leagues. He brings a wealth of experience to Infinity Investing and is ready to transform the way you look at your investments.

Toby’s latest book, “Infinity Investing”, published by Forbes, is the foundation for the training and tools found in our membership programs.

Aaron Adams 400x400 1

Aaron Adams

CEO of Alpine Property Management

Aaron had a 9-5 job as a high school Spanish teacher in the early 2000s. Yet after discovering risk-free strategies to make great returns in real estate, he quit his job and became a full-time real estate investor. Soon after, he went on to buy several thousand properties… focusing on single-family homes in blue-collar and middle-class neighborhoods. Doing over $250 million in transactions, managing over 3,000 properties in 4 states, and rehabbing 30-40 houses per month. With over a decade in the industry, Aaron has experience ranging from apartment complexes, commercial property, new construction, and mobile home parks. Now he’s the CEO of Alpine Property Management and Alpine Capital Solutions. And he’s also the managing partner in a private equity firm as well as several dozen companies.


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