How Women Achieve Financial Freedom With Stocks & Real Estate

Saturday, February 5th, 2022


During this free event, you’ll learn how some awesome self-made Femalepreneurs became interested in personal finance, stock, and real estate investing and overcame the same challenges you may face right now.

Throughout the day you’ll hear their personal stories and testimonials from where they started and how many of them 10xed their investments within a short period of time.

This isn’t about making more money. This isn’t about retirement. This is about living. Odds are you’re not going to work your way into a stable future, and with your current plan– the odds are potentially stacked against you.

Join us for this Infinity WIN Event, and learn how to leverage simple techniques to build a financial plan that will grow with you!

Key lesson we learned is nobody takes care of your money better than yourself. We can manage our money better and grow it with these tips. They really care and want to share their wealth of knowledge with you. We’ve learned so much and had things in place but realized we needed all this knowledge years ago.

Peggy Miller

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In this free virtual workshop, you’ll walk away with:

  • Inspiration to support your financial wellness and achieve, and afford, everything you want out of your life for you and your family.
  • Genuine connection with women who started their personal finance journeys with as little as a few 100 dollars a month.
  • Presentations on topics on how to get started in stock and real estate investing from a supportive lineup of guest speakers.
  • Where to invest your money each week and how to securely grow your portfolio – regardless of what the markets are doing.
  • How real estate investing can provide you passive income for life and reduce your tax burden.
  • A preview into Infinity Investing 360’ Membership, exclusive event offers + giveaways.

#AMA: Bring your personal finance and real estate questions because we answer ALL your burning questions during the event  – or shortly afterward via email if we can’t quite get to them all. During each of our events, we receive 100s of questions from attendees throughout the day and you’ll definitely learn a lot!

Who Should Attend

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Women who want to learn actionable investing strategies and get started right away.

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30, 40 & 50-year-old women who want to start owning their financial future today!

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Female business owners, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, Gen Xers & Millennials.

Women's Infinity event starts in ...









The day’s event will be packed with financial strategies to help you take your investing momentum to the next level. **Note: During the event, there’ll be a Morning Break & Lunch Hour.

  • Intro: How to Create an Infinity Investing mindset
  • 2022 Real Estate Investment Strategies with Amazing Returns
  • Why Women Make Great Real Estate Investors
  • Infinity Member Testimonial: From Making $14k at my Day Job to $2M in 2 Years When I Started Stock Trading
  • Infinity Member Testimonial: How I Side-Hustled my 9-5 to Create An AirBnB Empire
  • Why Cashflow is Queen
  • Ask Us Anything: Answering Your Financial Questions Live
  • Why Wealth Creation Is Critically Important for Women
  • Wrap Up: Bringing It All Together



Patricia Peery

Vice President of Financial Training and Investing, Infinity investing

Patricia Peery is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, as well as a paralegal. With an extensive background in both business and law, Patti brings her expertise to Infinity Investing –creating communities online and in the real world. She’s responsible for all aspects of the company’s continuing education, culture, and evolution. Practicing a little known philosophy– Lifspeki, Patti has committed her life to helping others reach their individual goals whether it be financial, personal, or professional.

Copy Of Markay

Markay Latimer

CEO at Markay Latimer

Taking a $2,000 trading account and growing it to $2 million in two years, Markay Latimer has taught thousands of students how to trade in the stock market and is considered among the best instructors in the country when it comes to technical analysis and stock chart reading. When she talks to you about learning how to make money in the stock market, she’s backing it up with personal experience.

She knows that money doesn’t buy happiness, but that having a secure financial future creates the freedom for people to live the lives they want. One of her favorite sayings is that “money only makes you more of what you are” and that good people, when given the opportunity to secure more money, will do good things with it.


Nicole DiBraccio

Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker/ NBC's The Apprentice

Nicole DiBraccio began her real estate career in 2000 and by 2003 she was running her own commercial real estate brokerage. She sold her first distressed asset in 2004 and has since conducted numerous sales via REO, short sale, and note sales. Nicole purchased her first piece of real estate at the age of 21, and has been actively growing her real estate portfolio.

In 2007, Nicole had the opportunity to compete on The Apprentice and was a finalist that received constant praise from Donald Trump. She became a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) in 2008 and started working closely with various banks to sell their distressed assets/notes.


Pia Washington

Vice President of Financial Training and Investing, Anderson Advisors

Pia Washington is Vice President of Financial Training and Investing at Anderson Business Advisors, where she leads a team of financial advisors who help clients with their advanced retirement and estate planning needs. She is a career finance professional with over 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 in the areas of pension fund management, budgeting, financial planning & analysis, foreign currency hedging and risk management.

Space in our virtual zoom room is capped and is awarded first-come, first-serve, so be sure to register now to save your spot!