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Our Starter Membership is designed to take your investing to the next level in stocks and real estate.

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  • Infinity Advisor Strategy Session
  • Physical copy of Infinity Investing: How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same
  • On-Demand Trainings
  • Brandon Copeland’s Life 101 Membership
  • Online Weekly Stock Rooms
  • Online Weekly Real Estate Investing Room With a Live Deal Analysis

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Accelerate your wealth-building journey with our 360 Pro Membership.

Everything in Basic and Starter, plus

  • The Five-Step Formula for Generating Infinity Income and Wealth
  • Anderson Business Advisors Funding Community
  • Anderson Business Advisors Blueprint Consult
  • Access to Mentorship via Group Coaching
  • Access to Turnkey Rental Properties
  • Exclusive Training Program
  • Monthly Spotlight Coaching Events From Network of Investors and Instructors
  • In-Person Attendance at Cash Flow Summit
  • Unlimited Virtual Cash Flow Summit Attendance
  • Advanced Stock Trading Room
  • Complete Library of On-Demand Real Estate Training



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  • Digital copy of Infinity Investing: How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same
  • On-Demand Infinity Investing Workshop
  • Select On-Demand Trainings
  • Stock Basic Road Map
  • Infinity Calculator
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An Infinity Investing education will turn you into a confident investor who can easily capitalize on lucrative opportunities in stocks and real estate. We’ll provide all the information, support, and resources at your disposal. All you have to do is pick a place to start.

ABS Award Book

Infinity Investing

How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same by Toby Mathis

This book is not offering a get rich quick plan. It takes time to implement long-lasting strategies that lead to financial independence. Toby Mathis has created a road map for you to follow to create wealth over time. He shares his get rich slow approach based on the investing and money management practices that have helped hundreds of participants in Anderson Advisors’ popular Infinity Investing program reach financial freedom.



“The ability to network with the Infinity Investing tribe and their community is beginning to pay off. I truly feel we are actually getting somewhere, doing something, and making great progress.”

Al Barnes

“I have made some of my best friends through Infinity Investing because of our joint interest in real estate investing. I am connecting with many of these folks daily through the mastermind groups, live workshops, and much more offered in the Infinity Investing community.”

Carol Margolis

“You really need to have trust in a company in order to make the jump and start your journey to financial freedom. So when I met with the Infinity Investing team, I thought… that’s it, these guys are good.”

Jamoya Thompson