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Women have always had a major presence in the real estate community, but until recently, many were hesitant to create investment portfolios designed specifically for growth, especially in the short term. Today, women investors are taking control of their financial futures by making smart money decisions. While many women are involved in real estate, it can take a range of knowledge about the financial world to truly increase wealth and build a legacy. If you’re looking for ways to take control of your finances, you can start by using the tips in this guide.


Key Takeaways

  • Setting goals is the key to success, and focusing on your financial goals can help you achieve great things.
  • Having the right financial advisor or mentor can help you reach your financial goals sooner and with fewer mistakes.
  • Educating yourself on trends in the financial sector and ways to grow your wealth can help you get ahead in the investing world.
  • Knowing your risk tolerance can help you avoid making risky investments that keep you from meeting your investment goals.
  • Discussing your estate plan, financial goals, and tax strategies with an advisor can help ensure you’re making the right financial decisions.
  • Planning for emergencies means you have the funds to take care of any issues that arise without having to dip into your investment portfolio.
  • Diversifying your investments allows for more opportunities for growth and protects you from significant losses that can occur in a specific sector of the market.
  • Keeping track of your progress helps you discover areas where you can make adjustments so your portfolio continues to grow.

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Set Financial Goals

Many women take on a variety of roles in their daily lives, from being mothers to earning income as professionals. Because of their busy schedules and long lists of distractions, women need to prioritize setting goals and taking the steps required to achieve them. When you focus on your financial success, you can achieve incredible rewards that payout exponentially. 

However, setting goals requires more than just a passing thought. You need to write down your goals and attach a date for when you expect to reach that goal. Even if you don’t achieve your goal by the desired time, you need to have the determination to keep going, set a new date, and work toward that goal until you reach it.

Find the Right Financial Advisor and Mentor

With the right financial advisor or mentor, women can get the help and advice they need to gain confidence in their investing ability. In fact, after Regine Thompson began working with Infinity Investing, she said: “I’ve learned a lot about how to trade safely and how to trade options where you’re always winning. I’m excited about starting slow, and what I’ve learned is it’s not as complicated as you might think.” 

Once Regine learned how to trade options, she gained confidence that she could do it, and it was much easier for her to find success when she had a team of professionals who cared about her on her side. Find others who share your goals and aspirations for building wealth through investing to guide you so you make the best financial decisions.

Educate Yourself on Financial Markets and Investing

Women can also find empowerment through education. When you understand how financial markets and investing work, you can use that knowledge to make your money work for you. Attending workshops and events that allow you to network with other investors is a great way to stay updated on what’s happening in not only the real estate market but also the financial industry as a whole. The more women understand how to grow their money, the better equipped they are to create a portfolio that will provide financial security in their futures.

Understanding market trends and the history of financial markets provides you with insight into how investing works. Because financial markets are often cyclic, knowing what happened in the past can help you prepare for the future. It’s also important to understand your options as a woman when it comes to investing. Knowing all your options can help you make informed decisions about your investments.

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is how much money a person is willing to lose on an investment because, let’s face it, all investing comes with some degree of risk. A woman who knows her risk tolerance can make sure that her portfolio contains assets that align with her ability to handle risk. Although women investors are known for taking less risk with their money, they can benefit if they understand their tolerance for investing in higher-risk avenues. Investments that come with more risk typically have a higher potential for reward, so taking risks can be worthwhile for a woman looking for growth.

Before you make an investment move, make sure that it aligns with your level of risk tolerance. This can prevent you from losing too much on an investment if it goes sour. Learning to invest will likely result in some losses, but the lessons you can learn from them should help you build a stronger portfolio and know the level of risk you’re willing to take.

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Plan Your Growth and Tax Strategies

Having a plan for growing wealth should include a tax strategy. As a real estate investor, a woman can take advantage of many tax benefits, but she can also take advantage of overall tax strategies that allow her to reduce her tax burden and keep more of her wealth. Understanding how to use taxes to your advantage can help you build your investment income while protecting the money you’ve already earned.

Investors use tax breaks and incentives to reduce their taxes or defer them until a later date, and women who put a strategic plan in place to increase their earnings and take advantage of tax benefits for investors will see more growth in their portfolios. With the right plan, you can meet and exceed the goals you set for your financial future.

Have an Emergency Fund for the Unexpected

An emergency fund is an account or cash on hand that an investor uses to pay for unexpected events or costs that arise. This could be a car breaking down that needs repairs or a medical emergency. A female real estate investor should ensure she has an emergency fund she can easily access if she needs to pay for something in an emergency situation. Assets aren’t always liquid, and real estate deals can take a while to finalize. Having an emergency fund can help you get through the emergency without having to tap into your other investments.

The amount each woman needs in her emergency fund will vary based on the income she’s used to having and her lifestyle. It also depends on the type of emergency, how much money it sets a woman investor back, and how long she needs to supplement her income. An emergency fund should have at least a few months’ worth of expenses.

Diversify Your Portfolio for Short- and Long-Term Gains

Diversifying a portfolio is an important part of taking control of finances. Women tend to be more reserved with their investments, but it makes sense because women often outlive men by quite a bit. This means, as a woman, you’ll require a larger retirement fund than a man that will last for many years beyond your working age. 

However, to truly grow your wealth, you need to diversify your portfolio with both short- and long-term gains in mind. Consider adding a variety of assets to your portfolio in addition to real estate to protect yourself from losses and also to realize larger gains. 

Taking some risk with an investment can lead to a larger reward than taking the safest route, but you should understand your financial goals and how different assets can help you reach those goals. With a diversified portfolio, you’ll have some protection against losses if one asset drops in value because your wealth is spread between many assets.

Track Progress and Adjust the Plan Accordingly

Although women are busy with their professional and personal lives, it’s vital that they track their progress as they work toward meeting their financial goals. Keeping track of what is working with your investment strategy and what isn’t allows you to make adjustments to your plans that help align those plans with your goals. If something isn’t working, it can help to make minor changes to the plan instead of altering something drastically, and tracking progress helps you as an investor see whether your adjustments are effective. 

A woman investor can reap many benefits when she has the right tools and people on her team. If you’re a female real estate investor and you want to take control of your financial future, the team at Infinity Investing can help. Sign up for one of our Infinity Investing Workshops to learn everything you need to know about securing your financial future through investing. You’ll learn about earning a steady, passive cash flow, tax strategies that help you keep your money, and how to use leverage to earn even more.

Infinity Investing Featured Event

In this FREE event you’ll discover how the top 1% use little-known “compounders” to grow & protect their reserves. Our Infinity team of experts show you how to be the best possible steward of your finances and how to make your money and investments work for you instead of you working for them. Regardless of your financial situation today, you’ll have a road map to get to where you want to be.